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Monday, 15 June 2015

Recovery week 19 - 15/6/15

The last weeks has been pretty good actually with more highs than lows so I'm feeling pretty good about Jacks recovery at the moment - it may not last but we are making the most of it and enjoying ourselves while it does!

We started the week with introducing a little bit of lunging again having done over a week of just hacking following Jacks last physio session.  The weather was pretty awful with high winds and heavy rain showers so riding was out anyway.  I popped the pessoa on and aimed to maybe do 15/20minutes gentle lunging not wanting to push him too hard as he has not been on the lunge for a few weeks.  We started out well and he warmed up fine if slightly tense, after a few minutes I attached the pessoa and he seemed to settle much better and concentrate on what he was doing.  unfortunately the wind really picked up and a gust caught under the saddle pad lifting it up and flapping it up and down on his back, Jack did not appreciate it and leaped about for a few minutes!  Once he settled down I changed the rein still planning on not doing more than 20 minutes, however at this point Jack did something he has not done since I first brought him nearly 4 years ago - he spun round on the lunge back on the left rein and then refused to stop! I was caught off guard and wasn't quick enough to stop him as he has not done this in years!  When I first got him he used to do it, he had not been lunged since he was backed so he was out of practice but he soon got the hang of it and has never offered to do it since, even the first time after several months off when I had my son or the first time after his KS surgery so why he suddenly did it now I've no idea.  All I can put it down to is the wind hyping him up.  Once I stopped him I put him back on the correct rein and off he went for all of about 1/2 a circle before he tried it again and despite me getting behind him with the whip he still spun and then just went backwards!  So once I had stopped him and untangled him from the line I was not going to let him get away with it again so I got right behind him with the whip and managed to keep him going in the direction I wanted!  So the whole session ended up being more like 30minutes instead of the planned 20minutes.  I have no idea where the spinning came from after so long but I will be ready next time, I stopped him doing it before so I'm sure I can again!

Anyway after this we went for a nice hack the next day with a friend and had no issues other then Jack feeling a little footy across stoney ground, he had a farrier appointment booked for the Friday anyway so I wasn't too concerned.

He had a day off Wednesday and then Thursday we did something we have not done in ages, we went for a run with my other half, he jogs and Jack and I trot along next to him!  We used to do it quite often but have not in ages so we took it a bit easier and had plenty of walk breaks as it was hot too but Jack coped fine and we had a lovely ride.  He still felt a bit sore on his feet over stones so I was glad he was having his shoes back on the next day, he's been without them for about 9 months so I think he's done pretty well!  The only thing that spoilt the ride slightly was a very rude bus driver that would not wait and give Jack and I room when passing despite my requests for him to stay back and wait, am email was sent to the bus company complaining so hoping to receive and apology and for them to educate all their drivers on the safe way to pass a horse and rider.

He had a full set of shoes on on the Friday and although he did struggle to lift his near hind and seemed a little uncomfortable while having that shoe on he wasn't too bad.  I decided after to give him a little loose school and attempt join up with him and was pleased with how forward and loose he was moving - he certainly didn't appear to be uncomfortable once the shoes were on!  We even managed a bit of join up which usually Jack just ignores me and walks off so I was pretty chuffed.

He has had a quiet weekend in the field and will be lunged again tonight - hopefully he can stay on the rein I put him on this time!

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