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Friday, 20 March 2015

Jack's going to rehab!

Having spoken to Jack's surgeon and following several recommendations by friends Jack will be going for 4 weeks rehabilitation at Bennett equine therapy centre.

He is going to stay and be going on their aqua treadmill daily as this is the best form of exercise to build those all important core and back muscles following his kissing spine surgery and 6 weeks of box rest.  The resistance of the water, straightness, low impact and non weight bearing form of exercise will prepare his muscles really well for returning to ridden work.  I am determined to give him the best possible start and chance at a full recovery.

He goes on the 30th March and I'm going to see them working other horses on the aqua treadmill next week, I am excited to learn more and see it in action.  Until he goes there at the end of the month Jack is enjoying being out 24/7. 

Not surprisingly the poor boy gets a bit grumpy whenever I've brought him into the stable these last few days!  I'm sure he thinks I'm going to lock him back up again!  I have been moving his electric fencing back a bit every day to make his paddock bigger and give him a bit more freedom and grass to get at.  This weekend he will be going back out with the herd in the big field.  I have a feeling he is going to find that quite a lot more exciting than going in his little paddock!

So having been struggling with so much mucking out etc over the last 6 weeks I'm now going to find myself with very little to do over the next 6 weeks!

Luckily I have been offered lots of friend horses and ponies to ride in the mean time so I don't forget how to ride!

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